The Founding

The town of Infanta was founded in 1696 by Don Diego Mangilaya. Paying tribute to the name of its mythical founder, Don Diego Mangilaya led the construction of a church right to the place where Nunong Karugtong fell asleep. The first priest who reached Infanta was Rev. Fr. Esteban Ortiz, O.F.M. who planted the wooden Cross as a symbol of Christianity in 1578. That significant event in 1578 marked the beginning of Spanish colonization of Infanta. The distance of the place from Manila did not serve as obstacle for the Spanish missionaries and soldiers to come and reside in this place. From Don Diego Mangilaya, there was a succession of no less than 172 leaders who were called "Cabeza De Barangay" from 1700 to the turn of the 20th century.