First Mayor’s Cup Fun Shoot

In a campaign for a safe and responsible gun and firearms ownership, the Municipal Mayor Filipina Grace R. America, in cooperation with the First Infantry Battalion Philippine Army lead by Battalion Commander LTC Christopher C. Tampus, INF (GSC) PA, held the first ever Mayor’s Cup Fun Shoot at the 1st IB PA Barangay Tongohin, Infanta on the 5th of November, 2016, Saturday. The event, which was facilitated by Mr. Jayson Castro and Mr. Ricardo Macasaet III, was attended by both civilians and law enforcers, including a few children who are already knowledgeable in firing arms.Prior to the main activity, a brief program was held, immediately followed by an orientation to inform the participants of the rules of engagement and some reminders regarding gun safety. For lunch, a boodle fight was prepared. To end the day’s event, an awarding ceremony was held, wherein the winners in the fun shoot competition were recognized and given a trophy for having the highest points in the shooting activity.The Fun Shoot was divided into four (4) categories: The Civilian category, the Military – Lawman Category, the Man Vs. Man Steel Challenge, and lastly, the Team Vs. Team Steel Challenge. The list of winners / competition results are shown below, including 2 special awards given:

Civilian Category
Champion: Rey C. Caballero
1st Runner Up: Jason G. Castro
2nd Runner Up: Adonis N. Cuerdo
Military – Lawman Category
Champion: PCI Noel D. Divino
1st Runner Up: 1LT Cristopher Ian A. Eda
2nd Runner Up: 1LT Thrassymachus E. Bayona
Man Vs. Man Steel Challenge
Champion: 1LT Cristopher Ian A. Eda
1st Runner Up: PCI Noel D. Divino
2nd Runner Up: PCI Mark T. Amat
Team Vs. Team Steel Challenge
Champion: Team Commanding Officer, 1st IB PA
1st Runner Up: Team QPPSC
2nd Runner Up: CMO Officer, 1st IB PA
Youngest Shooter Award
Ricardo C. Macasaet 2005
Promising Shooter Award
Mon Angelo T. Aumentado