Resistance against the Japanese Army

The inhuman treatment and uncertainties of their fate in the hands of the Japanese drove many men and women to join the guerilla movement. The first organized movement was led by on known only as Strong. However, His command did not last long because of his capture. Another organization came up. This was the Fil-American Guerilla forces under Col. Ponciano Redor of Laguna. During this period Infanta was annexed to Laguna Province. It was claimed back by the province of Tayabas after the liberation period. Because of the strategic position of Infanta and its nearness to the Sierra Madre Mountains it became a shelter for the retreating Japanese forces. The Increasing number of Japanese soldiers brought fear to the people so many took to the mountain and the Polillo Island Groups A bit of relief came when the American forces set foot in the soils of Masanga from a submarine.