Infanta Citizens Charter

Message from the Municipal Mayor

The Philippine National Government continues its countrywide effort to improve its services, reduce bureaucratic red tape, and prevent graft and corruption through the Republic Act 9485, also known as the Anti-Red Tape Act. The Municipal Government of Infanta emulates this thrust and seeks to work its way to deliver excellent service grounded on integrity, transparency, and accountability.

This Local Government Unit’s Citizen’s Charter, which contains step by step processes on availing frontline services from different offices, has been,therefore, reviewed and revised in order to ensure that the quality of workprovided to our citizens is standardized and outstanding. In so doing, we can guarantee that the public is always put first and the needs of the clientele are addressed to the best of the ability of all LGU employees.

To achieve a Greater Infanta, we must uphold and stay true to our respective roles andfunctions as public servants.

May this Municipality become an emblem of good local governance that is committed to serve all peoples regardless of status, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Una sa lahat, mamamayan muna. Mabuhay ka Infanta!

Welcome Message

Archeology accounts that more than three hundred years ago, in the northern part of Quezon Province, a promising town called Binangonan del Ampon, now known as Infanta, was established. Today, it is declared as the great gateway to the Pacific.